Restoration Ministries
Serving Southeast, Kentucky and expanding around the World.

Restoration Ministries is located in multiple locations. 

Our church is located at 472 Highway 1223 in Corbin, Kentucky.


Sunday - 11:00 AM (Nursery & Children's church)  

Wednesday - 6:30 PM   (Kids & Youth Church) & Adult Bible-study

Our Daycare, Pre-School, and Kindergarten through 12th grade Christian School is located at 420 Lily School Road in Lily, Kentucky. 

Our Hispanic Church is located about a mile South of the Dollar Store in Woodbine, Kentucky.

Changing the World, one family at a time!

Planted 7 churches in our first 5 years

Restoration Ministries
Changing the World, one family at a time!

We worship God with passion and serve with conviction. We believe that you have a destiny. We are a place for you to use the gifts and talents God has given you. Come experience the POWER of Restoration!

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We have small groups that meet each week to eat, learn and fellowship in God's Word.  We keep them close to where you live and this is a great way to connect with others in the church.  Complete this form for more information.